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We Work With You So You Can Finally Be a Practice Owner

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In our free webinar, you will learn:
  • The Successful Buyer ROADMAP
  • The 8 SECRETS Of Buying The RIGHT Dental Practice
  • The Acquisition PROCESS, including how to identify red flags, and growth opportunities
  • Buy vs. Build
  • ​BONUS: 4 Easy Steps To Instantly Increase Profits In Your New Practice

Take A Look At Our Case Studies

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

San Antonio, TX
Dr. Ferdkoff went from being a frustrated associate, to acquiring his first a dental practice and more than doubling (almost 3x) revenue within the first 24 months to over $1.4M. He has since expanded into a 2nd practice that does over $1.6M. He has more than tripled (3X) his income from his days as an associate.
Atlanta, GA
Dr. Scott went from being an associate to owning a high producing practice doing $2.5M while averaging 150 New Patients a month. He has recently expanded to his second practice, which is doing over $1M. Today, he is finally able live the lifestyle he always wanted and travelled to 19 countries in 2019. Dr. Scott today makes over 6x what he made in his best days as an associate.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Solanski went from a full-time travelling specialist, where he was unable to build any equity for himself, to purchasing a great GP dental practices, and achieving a 70% growth in just 3 short months, while also achieving a significant profit margins increase of 20 percentage points.
New York City, NY
Dr. Janash was able to expand into his second practice by doing his first practice acquisition and grow it by 40% in just 2 short years, These results allowed him to grow to 10 dental practices in the most competitive market in the world.
Tampa, FL
Dr. Macedo went from being on the verge or purchasing the wrong dental practice, while being very frustrated searching for a practice, to having us find him a great practice to buy that met all of his criteria for 35% less than the asking price.
Christianburg, VA
Dr. Priyanka was able to nearly double her take-home income after acquiring a great practice for $72K less than what it was worth. The practice still has a lot of upside growth opportunities to reasonability grow another 15% - 20% with proper growth tactics.

There’s a Dental Practice Out There With Your Name On It

And Our 5-Step System Can Help You Find it!

Maybe you’re an associate dentist looking for the RIGHT practice to buy...

Or a specialist looking to venture down a different path …

Maybe you’re already a practice owner who wants multiple practices to build your empire …

Or a dental student who’s always known you want to own your own business...

If any of those scenarios sound like you, then my team and I can help.

So, without further ado I’d like to pull back the curtains and reveal our proprietary

Buy The Right Practice 5-Step System™

Step 1


We will get you ready for practice ownership. We’ll make sure your finances are in order, help you understand the market you’re in, and help you determine the type of practice that meets your financial, professional, and personal needs.
  • Ownership Readiness Assessment™
  • Pre-Approval For Financing
  • Market Opportunity Analysis™
  • ​Develop Target Practice Profile

Step 2


You will receive a Dedicated Search Agent that will do all the heavy lifting for you. Such as contacting brokers, screening listings, scheduling on-site visits, and coordinating outreach marketing efforts to find as many practice opportunities as possible for you.
  • Access To Pocket Listings
  • ​Brokers Network
  • ​Targeted Letter Drop
  • ​Online Marketing Strategies

Step 3


Then we perform a Proprietary Deep Financial & Operational Analysis at the same level of the biggest DSOs in the country, where you can see the merits of each practice opportunity. This is our secret sauce and the step that uncovers value in practices no one else can see. 
  • Practice Financial Analysis™
  • Calculate Take Home Pay
  • ​​Determine Fair Practice Price
  • ​Practice Upside Opportunity Calculator™
  • ​Demographics Analysis

Step 4


After you have an accepted Letter of Intent, we will handle all the due diligence, legal work, shop financing options, and perform thorough audits to make sure there are no problems under the hood.
  • ​Due Diligence
  • ​Financing
  • ​Clinical Audit
  • ​Operational Audit

Step 5


Benefits don’t stop after the purchase. Now we turn our attention to helping you become successful and fulfilled! You will be assigned a Dedicated Transition Success Coach that will help you easily transition ownership, ensure minimal turn-over of patients, and implement systems to capture the upside growth opportunities identified during Step 3 so you can grow your production and profits within the first 12 months.
  • Team Training
  • ​Increase New Patients & Patient Retention
  • ​Save on Dental Supplies, Labs, Office Supplies, etc.
  • ​Improve Case Acceptance
  • ​Improve Hygiene Production
  • ​Improve Collections

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Championing Practice Ownership

My name is Fabio Oliveira, and I've dedicated my career to helping dentists go into practice ownership. I’ve helped more than 100 private dentists buy, start, and grow dental practices. 

Time and time again over the last decade, I’ve seen that dentists are at a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to having the know-how, support and information buying a dental practice requires.  
That is exactly why I founded Buy The Right Practice® and assembled the DREAM team of successful owner dentists and dental experts to guide dentists to the right dental practice for them.
Introducing the Buy The Right Practice® Mastermind Program. This program is designed to give private dentists great opportunities when buying practices through a SIMPLE and EASY-to-follow system.
  • We Have Connections To Brokers In Your Area
  • We Have Access To Pocket Listings You Won't Even Hear About
  • We Will Help You Find That "Diamond In The Rough" Practice Opportunity
  • We Will Make Sure You Pay The Fair Practice Price
  • We Will Get You Access To The Best Financing Available
  • We Will Help You Avoid Very Painful Pitfalls Of Purchasing a Practice
  • We Will Help You Transition Ownership In The Easiest Way Possible
  • We Will Help You Maximize Profits Within The First 12 Months
  • We Will Help You Become Successful And Fulfilled 

We Are Your Best Route 

To Paying Off Your Student Loans Sooner, Living The Lifestyle You Want, & Retiring Earlier

To Becoming a Successful Practice Owner In Just 18 Months

(VS. the average 3 - 5 years)

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