To Buy or Start Up Your Dental Practice ,

To Buy or Start Up Your Dental Practice

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Many dentists dream of owning a dental practice. Perhaps you are among them. However, like any other business, you must examine various factors beforehand. The first big question is, should you buy an existing practice or start a new one? To buy a practice or create your own involves careful thought. Unfortunately, many proficient dentists… Continue reading

Where Will You Be in Your Dental Career in 18 Months?

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Eighteen months is a relatively short time in your dentist career. Considering how many years you spent in college to become a dentist, a year and a half can happen in the blink of an eye. If you are researching buying your own dental practice, you can be looking at years of searching for your… Continue reading

The Requirements to Run a Successful Dental Practice

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Owning a dental practice can be financially and professionally rewarding, but it requires careful planning and strenuous effort. However, the rise of corporate clinics is a significant threat to future practice owners. In addition, the absence of business experience in new graduates exacerbates the pressures of corporate dentistry. More than ever, dentists must grasp what… Continue reading

Should You Rebrand Your Dental Practice?

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There are advantages to rebranding your dental practice, but poor choices can harm the brand image and could cost a lot of money. If the practice isn’t your first, you may want to establish a strong brand image across your practices. This can be a great thing for your business, especially if you are taking… Continue reading

Pros to Know

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You’ve realized you’re tired of working for someone else. You see there’s a demand for the service for which you’ve trained and have decided to take the first steps toward independence. Where do you start? Who can best help you to realize your dreams and form your agenda? There are a few professionals that nearly… Continue reading

The 2 Most Important Things to Know Before Buying a Dental Practice

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Buying a dental practice can be a savvy career move. If you are a practicing dentist, having your own practice allows you to treat more patients, extend your hours and location, increase your income and more. However, it isn’t the right move for everyone. When you consider buying a dental practice as a revenue source,… Continue reading

Unsure How to Buy Your Own Practice?

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Buying an established dental practice could be a practical option for an associate dentist ready to step into their own practice or a dentist with their own practice looking to expand to a new location. How do you buy your own practice? Prepare for Practice Ownership Before purchasing a dental practice, you first have to… Continue reading

Ready to Buy a Dental Practice? Don’t Make These Mistakes

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If you are in the market to buy an existing dental practice, the possibilities can seem endless. In all the excitement, it can be easy to make mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that can plague you as you start the dental practice purchase, and ways to avoid them. Failing to Secure Endorsement of Outgoing… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Location

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You may have heard that when looking at real estate, it is all about location. The same applies to the decision to build or buy your own dental practice. At the outset, the location is one of, if not the most, important decisions you will make about your new practice. The location of your practice… Continue reading

Buy the Right Practice and Pay Off Student Loans Sooner

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Becoming a dentist is a lofty and expensive ideal, as many individuals have discovered. While it may be a calling for you, it also comes with a hefty price tag where student loans are concerned. Paying off those loans can take a big chunk out of your paycheck for years to come. Wouldn’t it be… Continue reading