Extra Perks that Make a Dental Practice Stand Out ,

Extra Perks that Make a Dental Practice Stand Out

When you open a dental practice, heavy competition is all but guaranteed. Unless you choose a location that doesn’t show on maps, chances are one or more practices are already established in the area. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t attract new patients.

Dental practices that offer the basics are a dime a dozen. When you do the research on patient expectations, it is easier to identify effective unique selling points (USPs). Extra perks will differ depending on your targeted demographic, so it is important to really dig into the wants and needs of your prospective clientele.

Accessible Accommodations

You are providing services that should be accessible to all. When looking at locations, consider how accommodating the premises are to disabled people. Ramps, support rails and wheelchair friendly rooms are just some of the accessibility aids that are essential.

Making accommodations for the disabled and less-abled is not technically a perk. Every patient deserves easy access to dentistry. You can start your practice on a good footing by ensuring that necessary accessibility aids are in place.

Dental Phobia Support

People who suffer from dental phobias come from all walks of life. It is important to avoid stereotypes. Never assume that a particular patient is comfortable with all treatments. Some kids are afraid of dentistry, whereas others may embrace oral health. Individuals with sensory issues may also struggle with treatment.

An ethos of getting to know your patients will help you identify those who have additional needs. Sedation dentistry is one way of helping patients to relax. You can also use education to promote a strong connection with dentistry and optimal oral health.

Concierge Services

When you establish your practice and build a strong reputation, patients may wish to travel from out-of-state to access your services. A concierge service will allow you to make any necessary accommodations. Booking flights, hotels and any sightseeing activities are extra perks offered by a dental concierge.

This type of service is often offered in partnership with a concierge company. However, you can also hire an individual to work exclusively for your practice. Explore options and budget constraints to determine if a concierge will benefit your practice.

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