Building Your Own Dental Practice ,

Building Your Own Dental Practice

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In today’s world, there are so many clinics and healthcare facilities essentially run by insurance companies. It is no wonder doctors and dentists alike dream of those days when having a solo practice was the norm and autonomy was the standard. If you have those dreams about your dental practice, there is help available. Buy… Continue reading

Why Start from Scratch When You Can Buy a Dental Practice?

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Is it time for you to consider going out solo with your own dental practice? Working in a clinic or part of someone else’s practice can be stifling after a while. There may be rules and expectations that you are not necessarily in agreement with, or unrealistic quotas you are expected to meet. You may… Continue reading

Key Factors in Buying the Right Dental Practice

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Starting your own dental practice is one of the most important professional decisions you can make. Finding the right opportunity requires diligence and knowledge on what is available and desired. Here are three key factors to consider when buying the right dental practice. Type of Dental Practice Choosing the right type of dental practice is… Continue reading