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Pros to Know

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You’ve realized you’re tired of working for someone else. You see there’s a demand for the service for which you’ve trained and have decided to take the first steps toward independence. Where do you start? Who can best help you to realize your dreams and form your agenda? There are a few professionals that nearly every business owner needs to network with before starting or buying a business. Depending on your specialty, there may be more, but these basic advisors will help point you in the right direction and may help prevent adverse situations down the line.


Despite their reputation, accountants are not that intimidating. Their job, in a nutshell, is to record everything that takes place in your business financially and report to you in a way that is useful. They often need to report to other entities also, such as lenders or the IRS, but all the reports will give the same information. If you don’t understand what your financials show, they can explain them and often create other reports that are more useful. A good accountant doesn’t particularly need to be a CPA and may identify potential problems before they become apparent to anyone else.


Lawyers are often viewed as ambulance chasers, but there are many different law specialties. Attorneys assist with establishing and defining your business relationships. There are a few areas in which you may need representation: contracts, real estate transactions and intellectual property. An attorney may also be necessary in your initial business setup and if you go into practice in multiple states. Effective lawyers may help prevent future headaches and minimize misunderstandings.


Advice from someone who has been in your situation can be priceless. They can help in a wide variety of situations:

  • As a sounding board for new ideas or opportunities
  • An advisor when you have a difficult choice to make
  • Idea generator for marketing and networking connections
  • Supplying tried and true practices in the management and operation of your practice

Our team at Buy the Right Practice is like a first-rate mentor, ready to help you in your dental practice plans. We can aid you in all the steps of building your business, from planning a new one to growing an existing enterprise.

Regardless of their role, each of these professionals is working on your behalf. Good communication and trust are of the utmost importance and must be fostered to realize your goal of a healthy, productive organization.

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