Should You Rebrand Your Dental Practice? ,

Should You Rebrand Your Dental Practice?

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There are advantages to rebranding your dental practice, but poor choices can harm the brand image and could cost a lot of money. If the practice isn’t your first, you may want to establish a strong brand image across your practices. This can be a great thing for your business, especially if you are taking over a practice with a negative reputation, but it needs to be done right. It’s important to step back, ask for the opinions of others and consider your options.

Things to Consider Before Rebranding Your Dental Practice

Rebranding involves thinking about everything that goes into the dental practice. This is much more than just a new logo. Rebranding can include a new color scheme, signage and a new name. You may also want to include a new website and social media presence with your new brand, especially if you are expanding your brand to cover several practices. This also includes a color scheme, layout, photos and contact information.

Any changes to the image of your practice and its brand should be modern, keeping with the times, but should also be easily identifiable and text should be easy to read. You need to make sure your desired company name is legally available and that the logo and the name aren’t too similar to another trademarked company. Check the competition for inspiration and to get a better idea of the local market.

What to Avoid When Rebranding Your Dental Practice

You should rebrand when and if you have a good reason. Changing the name and design of an already successful practice could harm its brand image. You don’t want to lose any positive recognition. Good branding is clear and simple. Unique branding shouldn’t sacrifice simplicity; keep it uncomplicated.

Don’t rush your rebranding effort. Have a vision in mind, and make a plan that includes your practice(s) image inside and out. Include your website, social media pages and newsletters. Get a second opinion by speaking to your current employees and patients. Consider also speaking to other healthcare professionals. Prepare to let your patients know about the rebranding before it takes place.

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