Unexpected Challenges of Running a Dental Practice ,

Unexpected Challenges of Running a Dental Practice

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When you set out to open your own dental practice, there will be challenges. However, many dentists are often blindsided by the most unexpected hurdles. While you may know which treatments you want to offer, and the profile of your ideal patient, how much understanding do you have of the business side of this venture?

What you do not want is to find out the answers to these questions after your practice has already launched. Dental patients are not short on choices, so making a great first impression is often crucial. When you go into your market prepared, scaling a dental practice effectively is a lot less stressful.

New Patient Recruitment

If you are a dentist with no experience in PR, getting people through the door is your first challenge. Most people stick with the same dentist for a lifetime, which makes competition for new patients fierce. For many new practices, constant shifts in practice ethos in an attempt to attract the right individuals can actually have the opposite effect.

Patient Scheduling

You can crunch the numbers on how many patients your practice can handle a day. Unfortunately, there are plenty of issues that may make your calculations fall flat. For instance, patients may run late and treatment times can run over. There is also the problem of scheduling family appointments if that is a service you want to offer.

Sourcing Equipment

As a new practice, you will no doubt receive contact from a range of dental equipment and technology vendors. Sorting through your options can become time consuming, and may require attending seminars and courses to fully appreciate what is on offer. As a practicing dentist, finding the time to complete this level of due diligence isn’t always possible.

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